Photographer + Digitech + Light Tech + Gaffer + Editor


"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." - Jonathan Swift

Some of the Brands and Production team I worked with: GUCCI, FERRARI, BMW, VERSACE, APRIL, FILMMASTER, AMAZED BY, MASCIONI ASSOCIATI INTERNATIONAL, ART PARTNER, Armando Testa, Yamaha, Condenast, Vogue Italia, Bulgari, Illy, Ferragamo, Vogue Japan, Roccobarocco, Armani, Pupa, Deborah, Ceres, Missoni, PRADA, Ermenegildo Zegna, KFC, RCS, ELLE, XENIA EDIZIONI, CAIRO, D.GNAK by KANG.D, Les Garcons de la Rue

Photographer for several magazines and websites since 2005 (SportWeek, The Games Machine, Rockit, Lifegate, etc.).

After becoming one of the main photographers of some important Music Festivals in Italy (Cornetto Algida Music Fest, Coca Cola Fest, Mi Ami, Tora Tora, BetterDays etc.) and shooting famous artists (Avril Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas, Carmen Consoli, Luca Carboni, Morgan and many more), the need to improve, raise up the standards, to explore and have more possibilities, brought me to the CFP Bauer.

Cfp Bauer is a training school specialised in the area of photography, visual communication and video. The Bauer method aims to develop a conscious and critical attitude towards technical choices but above all to the language and history of photography and graphics.

So after studying Analog and Digital Photography in Milan at the CFP Bauer, I started to work as a photographer / studio assistant / light assistant / digital assistant / producer for several Italian and International Brand and Photographers both on photo and video productions, gaining experience day by day and crossing the gates of the Fashion Industry.

Since then, the Milano Fashion Week will become a inevitable date, shooting for new collections and celebrities from all over the globe (Prada, Moncler, Gucci, Ferrari, Prada, Ferragamo and many others).

For 4 years (2015 – 2019) i worked at Milanostudio Digital in Milan (Italy) as a photographer and trustable assistant (light assistant / digitech / studio / production assistant) both in studio and in location, both with Analog (Pentax 67, Mamiya RZ 67, Contax 645 etc.) and Digital (Canon, Nikon, PhaseONE, Hasselblad H series, Fujifilm) cameras.

Gigi Donnarumma / Paolo Verzone © Alessandro Sozzi

In the years 2021 and 2022 i worked with the Lithuanian studio Spring photo rental (Uab Ciklopas) in Vilnius as a Photographer, Light Technician, Digital Assistant, Chief of Assistants, Trainer. After joining the team i shortly become the first assistant of the owner of the studio, which is also a photographer.

While supporting Lithuanian Photographers on their set (as a gaffer, digitech or light tech), I also worked for the Lithuanian online and physical shop Photorig.eu.

In 2023 i finally started my own rental / studio in Lithuania, so i can now support the Lithuanian Photographers Community with my own equipment and knowledge. At the same time i always travel for photographic projects, mainly in Italy, Germany, Portugal and France.

I’m very confident using several different kind of photo and video equipment such as strobes (Profoto, Broncolor, Bowens, Elinchrom, Briese), LED panels (Arri Skypanel / Felloni / Astera / L-7C / Aputure / Nanlite / Nanlux), Daylight (M8, M18, M40, M90, D12, D25, etc.), Tungsten (Arrilite, ST1/2, ST5, Studio T12, Studio T24) and I am able to work with BRIESE LIGHTS both HMI and strobe versions.

Some of the Photographers I worked and I still work with: Ellen Von Unwerth, Nadia Lee Cohen, Nick Hudson, Kevin Tachman, Luca Stefanon, Anders Hallberg, Sante D’Orazio, Louis Sanchis, Marco Glaviano, Sergi Pons, Toni Thorimbert, Settimio Benedusi, Paolo Verzone, Luigi & Jango, Amilcare Incalza, Byron Mollinedo, Alessio Boni, Debora Barnaba, Alan Gelati, Tomas Kauneckas, Vaidas Jokubauskas, Uli Weber.

I’m available to work and travel worldwide – I speak English (fluent with a specific knowledge related to photo equipment) and Italian.


  • Analog and Digital Photography at CFP BAUER in Milan (Italy);
  • Audio Technologies (Università degli Studi di Milano) – Doctor Degree;
  • Music Composition for Videos and Multimedia (Movies, Short Movies, Reels, Music Videos,  Advertising) – Diploma